hoho bun no suimyou


Masao Tonari,a Japanese keyboard player and composer, was born in Hiroshima in 1951.
In 1971,he formed the rock band DATETENRYU in Kyoto who's original style had a great influence on the rock scene at that time.
His compositions contained a combination of many unique elements never heard in Japanese rock before;mysterious,psychedelic,rhythmical and soulful.

★New Album!『hohobun no suimyou』/MASAO TONARI

He has pursued a solo career since 2007 composing beautiful ambient music based on the theme メWater - the origin of lifeモ. His music is powerful,but peaceful.Warm,but cool.
Masao's beautiful music,weaved with his special sound sense,will release your heart forever.

『hohobun no suimyou』

1.tears for life
2.vision for the songs
3.blue nights
4.My Country Song 5.kamidaigo
6.kibou no oka
7.asiaan sprits
8.tango minimal music
9.two pads。

Yasuhiko Tanaka(g).Thoru Ohta(g).Mamoru Inoue(b).Ryuji Uzuka(b).Taiqui(drs).Naoko Arai(harp).Keizo Nobori(sax).Yoshihiko Kitamura(wave box).Ryota Sakibara(paper box).

Art/Shinpei Kashihara

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